Can I get pregnant after surgery?

It is strongly recommended you wait at least 18 months after surgery before trying to conceive. Approximately 18 months after surgery your body will be fairly stable from a weight and nutrition standpoint. You should also know that fertility usually increases with weight loss so be sure to take extra precautions.

Can I take my regular medication?

Your medication may need to be crushed or converted to a liquid or chewable form. Six weeks after surgery, small pills or capsules can be taken as before. Medications that come in larger pill form may still need to be broken or crushed. You may also want to check with your primary care physician to see if they are available in liquid or capsule form. Also you should avoid aspirin products and anti-inflammatories after surgery as they can cause irritation and ulcers. Remember that your vitamins and minerals should always be in a chewable or liquid form for better absorption.


When can I go back to work?

As soon as you feel fit: two weeks or less for most jobs.


When can I drive?

You can drive as soon as you are no longer taking narcotic pain medication.


When can I take a bath or shower?

As soon as you get home you may take a shower. You may gently wash the incision or incisions with mild soap and water. Please avoid bathing or submerging your wounds in any water for four weeks.

Do I qualify for weight loss surgery?

– You are 25kg or more over your ideal weight.
– You have a BMI of 35 and have medical issues related to your obesity like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, arthritis etc.
– You are able to understand the life style and dietary changes that are required after weight loss surgery.